Thursday, October 16, 2008

That YouTube Video

Today, I found out that footage and photos of my arrest at John McCain's office, posted on the web and on YouTube, have made their way into a short film about why McCain and Palin suck for disability rights and community choice. The video is below:

Yes, that is me being arrested on the floor while script rolls says "this is what happened to disabled people when they visited McCain's office." Well, it's true. It did happen. And it happened again last month when ADAPTers stormed McCain's headquarters in Virginia and were arrested (and in some cases, hurt by) the police. ADAPT is the only group with the guts to do this kind of thing, and we are doing it for all our people, ESPECIALLY THE MANY WOMEN TRAPPED IN NURSING HOMES AND INSTITUTIONS. So, many thanks to the person who made this video. A clip of Stephanie Thomas leading ADAPT in a rally is also included---keep an eye out for her too.

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