Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Watchdogs on Violence Against Women with Disabilities

Among the many longtime efforts to advocate on issues affecting women with disabilities is the ICAD blog, edited by Dick Sobsey. Sobsey collects and posts on stories of violence against people with disabilities. For example, heard the one about the Korean girl with an intellectual disability, whose four family members convicted of raping her were given suspended sentences so they can keep "caring" for her? Read more at

How about the story of the Canadian woman whose paratransit driver came back to her house three days after the ride and raped her? He claims his semen got spilled on her couch from a cup of semen he was transporting around to a lab. Sounds like bullshit, huh? Read more at

Researcher/writers like Dick Sobsey have done great work in tracking the many injustices against women with disabilities, for which I am thankful. I am also thankful for friends like Rosemary and Marsha at the Rural Institute, who provided a heads up on the Korean story.

As a FRIDA member, my question is this: if this happened in your area, what would you do?

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SuzanneFord said...

If a judge in my area did this I would write to the Supreme Court of Virginia who are responsible for judicial discipline.